Forage First Guide      I      Summer Select Guide

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Perennial Wildflower Pollinator Mix with Legumes

Planting rate: 33 lbs/acre (32 lbs/acre of oats; 1 lb/acre pollinator mix)

  • Mix includes oats as a carrier to aid in application and overall stand establishment

This mix offers a perennial, season-long bloom period to support both pollinators and other wildlife. Species for this mix were selected that bloom at different times during the summer once established. This mix should be planted in late spring/early summer. Note: it’s common for these species to take multiple years to establish in most areas of the upper Midwest.

20% Purple Prairie Clover

20% Canadian Milk Vetch

13% Common Milkweed

13% Ox-Eye Sunflower

13% Stiff Goldenrod

7% Large Flowered Beardtongue

7% Sawtooth Sunflower

7% Showy Sunflower