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La Crosse Seed Product Tech Sheets

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General Information Concerning Earth Carpet Mixes

Turf Seed for Any Need
Our popular Earth Carpet® turf seed mixes offer a versatile portfolio of proven products, from economy to elite options, to fit your unique goal.

Sweat Less. Spend Less.
Earth Carpet mixes not only deliver consistent results, they also save money and time. Quality seed means less cost and labor on water, fertilizer, pest control and excessive mowing. Higher quality turf with less work. Guaranteed.

Elite Varieties

Many of our mixes feature elite turf varieties. An “elite” variety is an improved variety holding the most distinguished characteristics of that species. For optimal performance, look for mixes containing elite varieties in our Earth Carpet® seed guide.

Characteristics of each Earth Carpet® turf mix vary based on formulation and goals of the specific mix. For detailed characteristics on each mix, visit mix product pages.

Common Lawn Blunders and How to Avoid Them

Diagnosing Turf Problems

Identifying Common Turf Weeds



Seeding rates and other seeding information of each Earth Carpet® turf mix vary by mix. For detailed seeding information on each mix, visit mix product pages.

Determining How Much Seed and Fertilizer to Buy


Turf Professionals

To estimate the right amount of seed for your professional turf project, view our useful turf coverage areas and metric conversion resource.


Planting or Renovating Your Lawn

Follow these steps for starting a successful lawn.

1. Measure area to be seeded – Total square footage of lot less non-lawn areas such as house, walkways and gardens.

2. Test, don’t guess! – Obtain soil test to identify essential soil needs/amendments (lime, potassium, phosphorus, etc). Add needed amendments per soil test. See attachment for more information on Fertilizer applications: Fertilizer 101.pdf

3. Select appropriate Earth Carpet® mix – Consult with your dealer for the Earth Carpet® mix right for you.

4. Spray out lawn with herbicide containing glyphosate – Follow manufacturer’s directions for proper use!

Continue to New Lawn or Renovation Steps:

New Lawn Steps

5. Rough Grade – Remove golf ball size+ rocks or debris. Lot slope should move downhill from house to lot edge. Level high/low areas.

6. Final Grade – Rake and smooth. Apply a fine mist from hose to soil before seeding. No Puddles should form.

Renovation Steps

5. Scalp lawn down as close as possible – Mow as low as possible without stalling mower. Rake and remove clippings.

6. Core aerate lawn to encourage abundant root growth – Plant new seed no deeper than 1/8 in. with mechanical planting equipment.  Equipment should be available for rental in your area.

7. Apply seed evenly in two directions – First north & south then west & east. Use seeding rate appropriate for your mix.

8. Apply starter fertilizer – Important for root development.

9. Roll surface – Use an unfilled lawn roller to firm, but not over pack, the soil surface.

10. Irrigate frequently at least 3 times/day for 6 weeks – Keep top 1/2 in. of soil moist, not soaking. Pay attention that soil does not dry in afternoon heat.

11. Apply 2nd application of starter fertilizer 3 weeks after seeding (CRUCIAL).

12. Begin weekly mowing when at 1½-2 in. – Set height to 1 ½ in. Mowing right after irrigation may hurt seedlings.

13. Raise mowing height to 3-3½ in. after 6 weeks – Never remove more than 1/3 of grass blade at a time.

14. Begin standard fertilization/irrigation programs at 8 weeks – Do not apply weed control products until lawn has been mowed at least 4 times and 8 weeks has passed.



Our family of premium Earth Carpet® turf seed mixes are uniquely formulated to deliver beautiful lawns over a wide variety of projects types, conditions, budgets and goals. Mixes are grouped by category below.

Professional Landscape Mixes
Earth Carpet® professional mixes are optimal performers under many conditions. These premium mixes feature elite turf varieties to ensure your lawn or professional landscape project stands out for the right reasons.

Bluegrass & Perennial Ryegrass Based Mixes
Kentucky Bluegrass and turf-type perennial ryegrass based Earth Carpet® mixes perform under stress from heat and wear, and are ideal for home lawns, commercial turf, golf courses, athletic fields, playgrounds and more. Most include elite varieties.

Shade & Slope Mixes
Our specialty turf mixes, designed for shade and slopes, include elite varieties that thrive under full sun or deep shade – perfect for neglected soil and shady areas.

Tall Fescue Based Mixes
Turf-Type tall fescue based Earth Carpet® mixes offer high quality, durable turf for many conditions including low maintenance applications and in limited water or drought areas where sustainable turf and conservation are needed. Most include elite varieties.

General Landscape Mixes
Our Earth Carpet® general landscape mixes offer quality, time tested products that fit a variety of conditions and budgets. These options are great for general landscape projects including home lawns, parks, playgrounds and more.