Native Grasses

Our Natives First® team has worked with a variety of customers over many years who have successfully seeded and established native grasses. These species demonstrate amazing tenacity once they are established.

Below is a partial list of products available. For more native seed options please contact us. You can also review our Species Comparison Chart for useful info.


Blue Grama

  • Warm season tufted perennial grass
  • Grows on a wide range of soils
  • Well adapted to clay & upland areas
  • Demonstrates good drought, fair salinity and moderate alkalinity tolerance
  • Excellent forage for all classes of livestock and wildlife
  • May produce 2 or 3 crops of seed
  • Mature height can be up to 10-20 inches



  • Warm-season sod-forming perennial
  • Protects itself by growing close to ground
  • Eaten by all classes of livestock
  • Seldom grows more than 5” tall
  • Thick root system does well on heavy soils


Canada Wildrye

  • Tall growing, coarse perennial bunch
  • Winter-hardy
  • Well adapted to many kinds of soil
  • Produces early spring grazing
  • Vigorous seedlings
  • Matures in the 1st or 2nd year
  • Beautiful curving seed heads



  • Often chosen for beautification projects
  • Moderately tolerant of acidic and saline conditions
  • Grows from 5-7 ft. tall
  • Moderate shade tolerance
  • Strong fire tolerance
  • Excellent for wildlife nesting areas
  • Great livestock forage grass


Little Bluestem

  • Highly drought resistant
  • Excellent wildlife habitat
  • Moderately shade tolerant
  • Beautiful colors throughout the fall
  • Great for low prairies, roadsides, near creeks & lakes
  • Resistant to trampling


Sideoats Grama

  • Quick to establish
  • Highly palatable & nutritious
  • Provides good erosion control
  • Good seed producer
  • Seeds loved by small mammals and songbirds
  • Moderate tolerance of spring flooding and shade



  • Earliest maturing warm season grass
  • Drought tolerant
  • Salt tolerant
  • Acid tolerant
  • Provides good wildlife cover
  • Excellent erosion control
  • Sand stabilizer


Western Wheatgrass

  • Palatable & nutritious
  • Withstands closer grazing
  • Establishes easy
  • Fall growth—green into winter
  • Excellent on terraces & stream banks
  • Great for erosion control


Non-Native Wildflowers & Pollinator Mixes

Annual Cover Crop Pollinator Mix with Legumes
This mix provides quality bee forage in a short-term rotation with commodity or cash crops. It serves as both a soil improvement cover crop and a beneficial pollinator mix because of the species selected and legume additions. For more details on this product click here.


Knee-Hi Mix

This mix is less than 24 in. high and provides a neater appearance than taller mixes. It is good for residential or commercial landscaping where height is a factor.

Midwest Mix

This mix contains perennials and annuals well-suited to grow in the upper Midwest, and is formulated to provide bloom spring, summer and fall. It is ideal for residential or commercial landscaping.

Shade Mix

This mix requires strong, filtered sunlight or 1-4 hrs. of direct sun/day. These plants will not prosper in dense shade.