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SiloBuster Plus Pea & Triticale Mix

Elite combination of forage peas and forage triticale, ideal as nurde crop or straight forage. 

50% LC6040 Forage Peas
50% Spring Triticale


SiloBuster Plus Pea & Triticale mix offers an elite combination of quality forage peas and forage triticale, ideal as nurse crop or straight forage. SiloBuster mixes can be planted in early spring to serve as a nurse crop or early fall to fulfill forage needs.



  • Seed Quality: LC 6040 peas have a tougher seed coat
  • Dry Matter Yield: LC 6040 peas have longer vines, larger leaf surface, giving higher yield, more milk
  • Establishment: LC 6040 peas emerge faster, especially in cooler soils. The LC 6040 seed coat contains a more effective metabolic system that imparts the ability to germinate and emerge more rapidly, when soils are wet or cool.



Seeding Rate:
Alone (lbs./acre): 100-150
As Nurse Crop (lbs./acre): 100-120

Planting Time: Best in early spring or fall when weather is cooler and moisture is reliable.

Life Cycle: Annual



Harvest should be based on maturity of small grain:

  • Late boot stage for lactating dairy cows
  • Soft dough stage for heifers, dry cows and beef cattle