Earth Carpet Guide

The Science is in the Seed.  Growing lush, green turf with the “wrong” seed is like growing an apple tree from pumpkin seed – no amount of effort will give you the desired result. Earth Carpet® brings a revolutionary approach from years cultivating the right seeds for the right conditions.


Aspire Perennial Ryegrass

Broad spectrum disease resistance

Ryegrasses were brought to the U.S. from Europe and are now grown and planted throughout the country. Ryegrasses (both annual and perennial) can be grown on their own in the northern states for lawns. In many areas of the country, largely because this grass is so versatile, it is incorporated in seeding mixes with other grasses.



USES: Lawns, athletic fields, golf course, all general use. Excellent when used in mixes. Ideal in sun and
tolerates partial shade.

IDENTIFICATION: A fast growing bunch type grass that spreads by tillers (stems). Leaves are dark green and glossy on the underside, tapered, pointed with a folded vernation (stem). Varieties available both as annuals, intermediates and perennials.

ESTABLISHMENT: Germinates and establishes very quickly. Fills by tillers. Popular over-seeder because of quick germ.

General Kentucky Bluegrass Characteristics:

  • Growth Habit: Rhizomes, tillers
  • Blade: 2-4 mm., boat-shaped tip



Seeding Rates:
New Seeding:
6-8 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.
90-125 lbs./acre
Seeds/lb.: 270,000

Germination: 5-10 days under ideal conditions

  • Broad spectrum disease resistance
  • Superior recovery from drought
  • Developed for permanent turf-grass blends & mixes
  • Early spring green up