Earth Carpet Guide

The Science is in the Seed.  Growing lush, green turf with the “wrong” seed is like growing an apple tree from pumpkin seed – no amount of effort will give you the desired result. Earth Carpet® brings a revolutionary approach from years cultivating the right seeds for the right conditions.

Turf Mixes

Our family of premium Earth Carpet® turf seed mixes are uniquely formulated to deliver beautiful lawns over a wide variety of projects types, conditions, budgets and goals. Mixes are grouped by category below.

Professional Landscape Mixes
Earth Carpet® professional mixes are optimal performers under many conditions. These premium mixes feature elite turf varieties to ensure your lawn or professional landscape project stands out for the right reasons.

Bluegrass & Perennial Ryegrass Based Mixes
Kentucky Bluegrass and turf-type perennial ryegrass based Earth Carpet® mixes perform under stress from heat and wear, and are ideal for home lawns, commercial turf, golf courses, athletic fields, playgrounds and more. Most include elite varieties.

Shade & Slope Mixes
Our specialty turf mixes, designed for shade and slopes, include elite varieties that thrive under full sun or deep shade – perfect for neglected soil and shady areas.

Tall Fescue Based Mixes
Turf-Type tall fescue based Earth Carpet® mixes offer high quality, durable turf for many conditions including low maintenance applications and in limited water or drought areas where sustainable turf and conservation are needed. Most include elite varieties.

General Landscape Mixes
Our Earth Carpet® general landscape mixes offer quality, time tested products that fit a variety of conditions and budgets. These options are great for general landscape projects including home lawns, parks, playgrounds and more.

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