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SR 2100 Kentucky Bluegrass

Heat/drought tolerant. 
​Wear/stress resistant

SR 2100 Kentucky bluegrass is a unique Kentucky bluegrass developed for the needs of sod growers, sports turf managers and home owners. It is a vigorous, very aggressive variety with medium dark green color.

SR 2100 shows good resistance to summer patch, leaf spot, pythium blight, and red thread and good recovery from yellow ring. It has shown excellent resistance to dollar spot, which combined with its drought tolerance and recovery make it a good choice for lower maintenance sites.

The extensive rhizome development on SR 2100 sod gives it the ability to establish rapidly, withstand adversity and recover quickly. The high sod tensile strength allows sod containing this variety to be easily lifted and at a younger age. The sod will also establish rapidly when placed on site. SR 2100 has shown excellent drought resistance and rapid recovery. These traits are important for sod growers, home owners and professional turf managers. The medium dark green color combined with its other characteristics makes SR 2100 Kentucky bluegrass ideal for inclusion in blends with other bluegrasses and perennial ryegrasses.



Seeding Rates
Seeds/LB: 2,200,000
New Turf: 2-4 LBS/1,000 SQ FT

Overseed Rates
1-2 LBS/1,000 SQ FT
40-90 LBS/ACRE

Germination: 14-21 days under ideal conditions