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Triple 7 Bentgrass

Triple Seven creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera) is the product of twenty years of research and development. Each parental line in Triple Seven started with selection of superior plants from golf courses followed by many years of trials before inclusion in this variety. This variety has shown superior performance under stress and with wear. Triple Seven produces a turf with attractive green color, no purpling in cool weather, great heat resistance in summer and high disease resistance. Triple Seven creeping bentgrass blends well with other leading bentgrass varieties. This variety is well adapted to all environments where creeping bentgrass can be grown. It can be planted straight or in blends for superior greens and tees. 

  • Increased resistance to Poa annua from extended green growing season
  • Uniform turf with high putting quality
  • Reduced inputs from fertilizer to pesticides
  • Superior performance with growth regulators
  • Longer seasons of play for higher revenues