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SR 8650 Tall Fescue

Brown Patch resistant
Heat and cold tolerant

SR 8650 tall fescue turf was developed for high turf quality with high levels of rhizome expression in dense turf situations. SR 8650 tall fescue original clones were selected from Rutgers University breeding program based on turf performance, fine leaf texture and low Brown Patch incidence with rapid recovery. Then only plants expressing rhizome formation in turf plots were included in the final breeder block. The plants used in development were selected after high summer stress based on performance and appearance. SR 8650 is adapted to all areas where tall fescue is grown for turf, including mid-atlantic, north, southeast, midwest and the west.




  • Excellent brown patch resistance
  • Heat and cold tolerant
  • High rhizome expression

General Tall Fescue Characteristics
Uses: Shaded lawns, ground  cover
Growth Habit: Bunch, creeping and/or spreading low, slow growing
Blade: 1-2 mm., needle-like tip



Seeding Rate
New Seeding:
8-10 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.
350-400 lbs./acre
Seeds/lb.: 220,000

Germination: 7-10 days under ideal conditions
First limited use:  60-75 days depending on condition
First mowing: 21-30 days after emergence

  • High rhizome expression
  • Excellent Brown Patch resistance
  • Heat and cold tolerant