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Arcadia Kentucky Bluegrass

Exceptional sod strength, with high wear and traffic tolerance

Arcadia Kentucky Bluegrass turf seed was developed from a unique cross of Midnight and Limousine Kentucky bluegrass’s, and is classified as a Compact Midnight type with an aggressive growth habit. Selected by Seed Research of Oregon agronomists for its superior performance in many areas, Arcadia Kentucky Bluegrass grass seed is a dark green, fine textured, with excellent disease resistance. This variety is a high demand, very popular bluegrass seed among sod farms and other elite project managers.




  • Reduced weed invasion problems
  • Excellent resistance to Summer Patch, Stem Rust, Dollar Spot, Melting Out, and Crown Rust
  • Good resistance to Leaf Spot and Chinch Bug
  • Earlier Spring green-up than other Midnight types
  • Tolerant of extremely close mowing heights as low as 1/2 in.
  • Superior turf quality under different management practices

General Kentucky Bluegrass Characteristics:

  • Uses: Ideal for golf course tees & fairways, sports fields, parks, and high end landscapes
  • Growth Habit: Rhizomes, tillers
  • Blade: 2-4 mm., boat-shaped tip

Adaptations and Use
Arcadia is perfectly adapted for golf course fairways and tees down to 1/2 in., as well as in manicured roughs, parks, and sports fields mowed at heights over 2 in. With its dense, dark green growth combined with superior sod strength and excellent performance in the transition zone, Arcadia is an excellent choice for both high traffic areas and shaded situations. From city parks and ball fields to professional stadiums, backyard lawns to commercial landscapes, on golf course tees and fairways, Arcadia alone or blended, is the perfect solution to your grassing strategies.



Seeding Rates:
New Seeding:
2-3 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.
90-125 lbs./acre
Seeds/lb.: 1,200,000

Germination: 14-21 days under ideal conditions
First limited use: 4-6 weeks depending on condition

  • Exceptional sod strength
  • High seedling salt tolerance
  • Very dark green genetic color
  • High wear and traffic tolerance across a wide range of climates
  • Extremely dense growth habit, even in Summer
  • Excellent disease resistance and shade tolerance
  • Ideal for golf course tees & fairways, sports fields, parks, and high end landscapes