Forage First Guide      I      Summer Select Guide

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Reprieve XL Teff Grass

Superior quality – ideal for horses & other livestock

Summer Select Reprieve XL teff grass is a warm-season, annual grass featuring rapid seed germination and seedling development. Reprieve® also is well adapted to dry climates making it perfect as a supplemental forage during periods when other forage supplies are diminished.



1 = Poor; 5 = Excellent

Recovery After Cutting: 4
Leaf Disease Resistance: 3
Sugarcane Aphid Tolerance: 5
Rapid Dry Down: 4


  • Perfect option to bridge the “summer slump” – either in hay or pasture fields
  • Great rotational crop between alfalfa, small grains and perennial stands
  • Emergency hay or pasture option
  • Green manure crop



Planting Time:
Emergence (days): 3-5

Seeding Information:

Seeds/lb.: 650,000 (coated); 1,300,000 if uncoated
Soil Temperature: 60 F
Depth (in.): >1/4 (similar to alfalfa)
Dryland Seeding (lbs./acre): 8-10
Irrigation/Hi-Rain Seeding (lbs./acre): 8-10

  • Teff does not tolerate frost so planting should be delayed until risk has past
  • Teff emerges quickly in warm soils and is a fast growing crop
  • Can be drilled (preferred) or broadcast




  • Soil testing is critical since teff needs adequate phosphorous, potassium and sulfur for optimum growth
  • Nitrogen – comparable to most hay or pasture stands at planting (40-60 lbs.)
  • Apply phosphorus and potassium similar to cool season grasses
  • Multiple harvests will require additional N applications (up to 100 lbs. total N/yr.)

Harvest & Management Tips:

  • If grazing, teff’s shallow root system might present problems (cattle could pull plant out of the ground; horses usually don’t have this issue)
  • For optimum forage quality, teff should be harvested in the pre-boot to early boot stage, approximately 45-50 days after planting at a cutting height of 3-4
    in. Harvest regrowth in 30-45 days depending on environmental conditions.
  • Teff will reach heading at about 8-10 weeks after seeding, so manage accordingly
  • Multiple equipment passes (for harvest, fertility applications), can impact regrowth – some producers follow same tracks to sacrifice small area vs. negatively affecting
    larger areas

Avoiding Nitrate Poisoning:

  • Do not harvest drought stricken plants within four days following a heavy rain
  • Do not apply nitrogen prior to expected drought periods
  • If in doubt, cut at higher stubble height as nitrates tend to accumulate in the lower stalk


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

SC Aphid Tolerance
Disease Resistance
Cutting Recovery
  • Superior quality – ideal for horses & other livestock
  • Quick growth with excellent tonnage potential
  • Well adapted to dry climates
  • No prussic acid concerns