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Greater Value. Good Move.  Yield and quality matter. But there’s more. Our goal is to provide a higher standard for forage to maximize ROI– while keeping your wallet in mind. We take pride in delivering proven products that increase the bottom line at a good price.



VersaGrass Mix

Excellent for waterways, terraces, ditches, banks and headlands. Great for permanent pastures. 

25% Big Ton XL Smooth Bromegrass
25% Endo-Graze XL Perennial Ryegrass
25% Haymate XL Orchardgrass
25% Top Tim XL Timothy

VersaGrass Mix derives its name from its ability to be used for nearly any application or to serve any purpose. It is excellent at handling a wide range of soil types and weather conditions.

VersaGrass® is a 4-way mix of bromegrass, perennial ryegrass, late-maturing orchardgrass, and early-maturing timothy. These components each serve a unique purpose while together providing maximum flexibility. VersaGrass® works great as a spring seeding in the majority of the Midwest.



Seeding Rate: 25-30 lbs./acre

Planting Time: Best in early spring or fall when weather is cooler and moisture is reliable.



With proper management, expect your first grazing or hay harvest in about 60-80 days.

  • Excellent for waterways and terraces
  • Excellent for ditches, banks and headlands
  • Excellent companion for alfalfa and clovers
  • Works great for permanent pastures
  • Improved varieties for better forage
  • Easier to establish than straight bromegrass