Forage First Guide      I      Summer Select Guide

Greater Value. Good Move.  Yield and quality matter. But there’s more. Our goal is to provide a higher standard for forage to maximize ROI– while keeping your wallet in mind. We take pride in delivering proven products that increase the bottom line at a good price.



BLM #4 Mix

Versatile mix, establishes quickly. Endophyte-free tall fescue extends productivity into hot, dry summer. 

30% Endo-Graze XL Perennial Ryegrass
20% Tetrabana XL Italian Ryegrass
20% Stargrazer XL Tall Fescue
15% Balin/Ginger Kentucky Bluegrass
15% Top Tim XL Timothy

BLM #4 Mix is a quick starting mix for use around farm buildings, drylots and pastures. This mix produces quality forage and will hold up well under heavy traffic.



Seeding Rate: 30-40 lbs./acre

Planting Time: Best in early spring or fall when weather is cooler and moisture is reliable.


  • Very versatile mix that establishes quickly
  • Endophyte-free tall fescue extends productivity into the hot, dry summer months
  • Kentucky bluegrass provides sod-forming capability to help maintain a healthy stand