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Laura Meadow Fescue

Laura meadow fescue establishes very quickly which makes it very competitive with perennial ryegrass. The first cut yields are very high combined with an excellent leafy regrowth in the aftermath. Therefore Laura has high yields of very digestible dry matter in all cuts. Because of the very leafy regrowth of this variety it is also very suitable for grazing or a combination of cut and grazing managements. The use of meadow fescue is especially recommended in cold and wet areas.


Establishment: Med
Persistence: Med-High
Drought Tolerance: Med-Low
Winter Hardiness: High
Palatabiliy: High
Yield Potential: Low
Grazing Tolerance: High


Monoculture: 25-50
Mix Component: 5 - 15
Seeds/LB: 227,000
Depth (IN): 1/4 - 1/2
Emergence (Days): 14 - 21

Planting Time:

Spring Planting: Apr - May
Fall Planting: Aug - Sep
Life Cycle: Perennial


Rotational Grazing:
Begin (IN): 8 - 10
Stop (IN): 3 - 6
Average Days Rest: 15 - 25


Harvest at boot stage in spring; pure stands work well when stockpiled in fall

Laura meadow fescue establishes very quickly and is especially recommended in cold and wet areas