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Annual Habitat Hide-A-Way Mix

Summer planted annual mix offering bedding/buffer source

Brier Ridge Annual Habitat Hide-A-Way food plot mix is a summer seeded blend of sorghum x sudangrass, sunflowers and grain sorghum offering up to 6-8 ft. bedding/buffer zone/barrier for a tranquil deer setting. Plant in 60-65 F soil temp. This mix will winter terminate. This mix can be used to seclude paths for a stealth entry into hunting areas.



Life Cycle: Annual
Bag Size: 10 lbs.




Seed Rate: 10 lbs./acre

Timing: Recommended planting windows for this and other food plot products are available on “Seeding” tab on “Food Plot Seed” page.

  • Summer planted annual mix offering bedding/buffer source
  • Performs well on light to heavy soil types in light shade to full sun
  • Quick to establish, requires 60-65 degree F soil temps for planting/germination, annual alternative to Perennial Habitat Hide-A-Way
  • Can reach heights up to 8 feet tall