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Soil First 167 Summer Biomass

25% Greensugar TR Sorghum X Sudangrass
20% Iron & Clay Cow Peas
15% Preform Pearl Millet
10% German Millet
10% Defender 265 Oats
5% Sunn Hemp
5% Forage Collards
5% Peredovik Sunflowers
5% Hybrid Brassica



Seeding Rate:
Mono (lbs./acre): 15-20

Broadcast (lbs/acre): 20-25
Forage (lbs./acre): 25-30

Seeding Info:
Seeding Depth (in./with drill): 1/2-3/4
Aerial Application Rate: NR 




Sorghum x Sudangrass presents the opportunity for prussic acid toxicity, especially after fall frosts. Nitrogen applications are highly recommended if the goal is to maximize forage production; however, those same fertility supplements can pose an increased threat of elevated nitrates in sorghum x sudangrass after plants are stressed.


A frost will terminate sorghum x sudangrass, millet, sunflowers, cowpeas, and sunn hemp. Brassica species will terminate with multiple nights in the teens. If any brassicas overwinter, glyphosate and 2,4-D provide adequate control.

  • Has a base of 50% warm-season annuals for optimized biomass & is uniquely suited for grazing. 
  • Will tolerate a wide range of conditions - poor soil, low pH, & drought environments. 
  • Species diversity helps improve soil aggregate stability through enhanced microbial activity.