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General Information Concerning Sweet Corn


Sweet corn comes in three colors: yellow, white and bicolor (yellow and white). Cross pollination of yellow kernel varieties with white kernel varieties will result in production of bicolor corn. If a bicolor is cross pollinated with a yellow variety, kernel color will be mostly yellow. Although there are regional preferences for certain kernel colors, there is no relationship between color and sweetness.



Endosperm Types

Sugary (su): Kernals – 100% normal
Sugary Enhanced (se): Kernals – heterozygous (se-su) – 50% sugar enhanced; homozygous (se-se) – 100% sugar enhanced
Supersweet (sh2): Kernals – 100% supersweet
Triplesweet® (sy): Kernals – 75% sugar enhanced; 25% supersweet



Alone (lbs./acre): 10
Seeds/lb.: 1,900
Depth (in.): 1-1½

Planting Time: Soil temp should be at least 60-65 F
Soil temp should be at least 60-65 F
Emergence (days): 4-7
Life Cycle: Annual