Forage First® Families First

Spotlighting communities coming together to help struggling farm families across the US.

LA CROSSE, WI (June 15, 2020) – There are instances daily of people coming together to support those in need. While there are a multitude of challenges facing us today, La Crosse Seed recently began collecting stories of communities coming together to help struggling farm families across the country. To help spotlight these stories and provide financial support to these families, La Crosse Seed is launching its Forage First® Families First initiative.

To help introduce the initiative, the company created this tornado relief video, highlighting the Cook family dairy farm near Balltown, Iowa, which was recently devastated by a tornado. La Crosse Seed partnered with Skip Breitbach Feeds, a local Forage First seed dealer, to donate essential seed to help repair the Cooks’ fields.

The Forage First® Families First initiative aims to collect and commend similar examples of communities helping growers in need, as well as connect La Crosse Seed with dairy and beef farms that would most benefit from donated forage seed for use next spring. The company plans to donate seed to a select number of families in 2020.

“Forage First fields, from alfalfa to pasture mixes, have long been a staple on farms across the countryside. As are family ties that bind and inspire us,” said Ben Addington, marketing and customer experience manager at La Crosse Seed. “Hard times, like many are experiencing, call for families and communities to come together. There are countless examples of this, and the La Crosse Seed family would like to celebrate them.”

More details on the program, including information on how to submit a Forage First® Families First story, can be found at