You Enrolled in the Bayer Carbon Program. Now What? 

Receive 15% off Soil First® Cover Crop Seed
May 17 through November 30 
Soil First® Mixes  -  
Tillage® Radish  -  Guardian® Brand Winter Rye*  -  Defender Brand Seed Oats*
*Please note small grain products may have additional freight charges.  Subject to availability.

How Does it Work?
1. Farmer enrolls for Bayer Carbon Program (BCP)
2. Farmer buys SF seed from participating dealer, shows proof of enrollment
3. Dealer notifies La Crosse Seed rep 
4. La Crosse Seed invoices dealer SF seed at normal price 
5. Dealer sells to participating growers at BCP suggested retail price
6. Dealer validates volume sold under BCP program to La Crosse Seed
7. La Crosse Seed issues rebate to dealer for the difference in purchase price and the BCP price
8. Farmer receives appropriate Bayer payment

Now What?
-Fill out the form below and we will direct you to a participating dealer in your area
-Present Bayer Carbon Program Certificate or enrollment confirmation email
-Claim 15% off Soil First® cover crop seed suggested retail price

*Required Field